Water quality, treatment, safe drinking water.


The Paper

should meet the following criteria:

  1. It should be typed doubled space and 5 pages.
  2. The format should have title, text with subtopics, summary and references.
  3. Reference style should be similar to the following:


Mian LS, Maag H, Tacal JV. 2002. Isolation of Salmonella from muscoid flies at
commercial animal establishments in San Bernardino County. Journal of Vector Ecology 27: 82-85.




  1. Water: Water quality, treatment, safe drinking water.

Journal Sources


American Journal of Public Health

Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and toxicology

Emerging Infectious Diseases*

Environmental Science and Technology

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Journal of Air Pollution Control Association

Journal of Environmental Health*

Journal of Food Protection

Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association*

Journal of the American Water Works Association

Journal of Medical Entomology*

Journal of Vector Ecology*

Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health

Journal of Water Pollution Control Association

Science, Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science*

Water and Sewage Works


Writing Assignment: Assessment 

  1. Demonstrates understanding of scientific writing: summarizes key points and sections; understands what needs to be cited; sections have contents appropriate; graphics integrated into and integral to the paper; discussion synthesizes results with literature; shows evidence of analytical thinking.
  1. Content, comprehension , and development of ideas: follows assignment topic (A. Hazard ID- toxicological data & hazards
  1. Dose-­response assessment—exposure vs probability of health effects
  2. Exposure assessment—extent of human exposure to toxicants
  3. Risk characterization—estimation of the magnitude of human risk.); has a title that fits paper; has sufficient data and information; has appropriate and challenging content; evidence of original work (no copy/cut and paste); defines technical terms, used appropriately, not gratuitously; paraphrases correctly and accurately; stays on topic; conclusion captures main points/objectives.
  1. Organization and structure: clearly organized; introduction sets up paper and specific points follow in order; flows with a topic sentence, repetition of key words; topic sentences focus paragraphs; shows an understanding of transitional phrases;.
  1. Documenting and citing: adequate citing; paraphrases without excessive quoting; sources introduced appropriately; follows appropriate documentation style; citations to match references.
  2. Mechanics: correct labeling of tables and figures; correct word choice; correct tenses; subject/verb agreement (e.g., data were); punctuation, comma use; correct use of italics; correct sentence structure and syntax; and concise language appropriate to science.


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