Written Proposal: Approximately two (2) double-spaced typewritten pages, excluding any tables or figures, and includes:


1.   Background:  A brief summary of the problem background to be analyzed


2   Problem Statement: A problem statement – clearly stated and should only be a few sentences.


3   Decision Alternatives:  A preliminary list of alternatives to be considered


4   Evaluation Considerations & Evaluation Measures:  A preliminary list of considerations and      evaluation measures to be used to help make the decision.


5   Resources:  A proposed list of resources to be utilized / consulted to assist in making your decision.



2 pages


Previous Project Examples:




  • Whether to hire full-time employees, part-time employees, or per diem employees (Discussed in class, do not use this as your decision.)
  • Whether to buy new copiers, lease copiers, or outsource copiers
  • Spending marketing dollars to increase sales on a product, delete products, or leave as-is
  • Selection of a contractor or supplier
  • Type of health-care program to institutionalize
  • Selecting a new business location

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