Word length: 1500 words
The word count of 1500 excludes the reference section and the Appendices of the project.

Grading Criteria and Feedback
The 5 elements that you need to consider when writing this project are;

I) Knowledge (25%)

  • Identification of relevant theories, concepts and arguments relevant to the question.
  • Comprehension and analysis of the academic literature relevant to the topic.
  • Appropriate use of terms and definitions, theories and examples.
  • Research is summarized and integrated in a cohesive, clear manner.
  • A high degree of critical analysis and discussion is presented. II) Argumentation (25%)
    • Discussion flows logically and coherently.
    • Arguments and discussion are persuasive.
    • Examples used are valid, relevant, and provide effective support.

III) References and Citations (10%)

• Inclusion of at least 6 academic references not provided in class (i.e., peer-reviewed, journal articles). IV) Presentation and Structure (15%)

  • Introduction is clear and outlines the context of the essay.
  • Body addresses key issues outlined in the introduction.
  • Conclusion provides a summary of key issues and answers the question.
  • Logical connections made between the ideas presented.
  • Sequence and structure of ideas presented are fluent and coherent.

V) MS ACCESS Project (25%)

    • Were all the exercises included?
    • Were all the exercises completed adequately?
Description of Task

This assignment is designed to test students’ ability to:

  • Analyse and audit organisational DBMS needs.
  • Rationalise and communicate organisational DBMS needs.
  • Develop and organisation specific criteria of an effective DBMS.
  • Develop skills in designing and interpreting reports from an HRIS.
  • Be able to demonstrate problem-solving skills and anticipate problems with using an HRIS.


Assignment Requirement

This Assignment consists of 2 components; in the first component of this assignment, assume that you are the HR manager and that your organisation requires you to provide a plan and a set of recommendations that would identify parameters and protocols for design and development of an HR DBMS.



Your organisation is going through a high growth phase and needs to recruit and train about 500 employees in the next 12 months. It also needs to identify the performance and skill profiles of present employees for later possible redundancies. The central question that you need to consider: What characteristics should a credible HR Data base for the high-growth industry should have? In another words, if you are to design a DBMS for your company, what functionalities would you integrate into your DBMS. Once you have outlines the design parameters, you need to rationalise your choice and need to highlight the need for functionalities in the context of the case organisation and the job/job category you are focusing on.

The design parameters of the DBMS of your case organisation should be directly applied to at least 2 of the functions below in your organisation:

    • Recruitment and selection
    • Training and development

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