Managing in a Global Econom

Managing in a Global Economy

Develop a Global Company


This assignment will help provide you with an understanding of doing business globally.


You can either develop a global company by using similar traits of another company. Or you can identify a company looking to expand into the global market. Please be sure to include the following in your written paper and your presentation:


  1. What country do you want to do business in? What challenges will you face?
  2. What is the strategy and the competitive advantage for this company?
  3. What are the cultural differences? Organizational differences from one country to another?
  4. What legal aspects might you encounter?
  5. What will your start-up costs be?
  6. How many employees will you need to help with the start up?


The paper will be handed in for grading.  In addition, you will present your findings to the class a 10 –15 minute presentation, covering the components above.   This final presentation to the class should be in PowerPoint format.


Marking scheme for this assignment:

  1. Were all of the key components (listed above) for this assignment included?
  2. The information provided was a good assessment.


  1. Presentation to the class of what your company is about and why you chose the country you did.


Written paper is double-spaced and sources cited correctly

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