INB-200-3511-International Business

Read the Case History on page 345 in your text, “Telecom Ventures Unite the World.”

Review the tutorial, “How to Analyze a Case History.”

Write a two-three page paper, typed and double-spaced using the West Writing Assignment Template, in which you respond to the following questions.

Support your response with at least three sources, two of which must be scholarly sources from the West Online Library.

  • What strengths did AT&T bring to its joint venture with Unisource?
  • What were some potential complications that could have arisen in the AT&T–Unisource joint venture?
  • Assess the formation of Global One, Unisource, and other partnerships in this case. What strategic factors might have influenced the entry mode choices that these firms made?
  • Based on the case and your research and readings, what other entry mode choices might have made sense for these firms?

Review the INB 200 Week 6 Rubric to make sure that you have met all the guidelines for how your paper will be assessed.

Format your paper using the West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.

Cite at least 3 sources, 2 of which are scholarly sources from the West Online Library.

Use the West Citation and Reference Generator Tool to note citations and references.

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