Topic 1: Miranda Warnings

What are Miranda warnings? Research and discuss the pros and cons of having the Miranda warnings. There are some exceptions to the Miranda warnings; identify and discuss at least one of these exceptions.

Miranda warnings are a high point of contention in the law enforcement scene. There are many misunderstandings as to when “Miranda” applies. Watch the following video and discuss with your class the pros and cons of having the Miranda warning. Also discuss the different situations where Miranda may or may not apply. Search online for the Casey Anthony case, and look for videos or information on how the attorneys try to get their client off by questioning police procedures. What could the results be if Miranda warnings are not applied correctly? Do you see any relation to the famous case of New York v. Quarles?

Sullivan, T. (2012, March 21). What if the Police Didn’t Read Me My Miranda Rights? Retrieved from

United States Supreme Court. (1984). New York v. Quarles. Retrieved from

Topic 2: Police Accountability

Describe what is meant by ethics, including the principles of double effect, noble cause corruption, and the “Dirty Harry problem.”

Topic 3: Transnational Crime

Define transnational crime. How has it changed in the last decade?

Topic 4: Child Pornography

Do you believe the internet has caused the “child pornography” industry to grow, and has it become a globally connected issue? Give at least one example of a child pornography case that was transnational.

answer each question seperately

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