advertising campaign

Select a product that is either already out there or a new extension for a current product line. Work with your group to create an advertising campaign with a single central theme (eg. Flo and Progressive’s low prices using humor to sell).

You will create a 3-ad advertising campaign. One of these ads has to be a TV advertisement. The other two you have the option of doing any other types of ads that you wish: another TV ad, print ad (magazine or newspaper), radio ad, or billboard ad.

Requirements for each type:

TV – either film an actual ad, create one using Microsoft Publisher or Powerpoint, or create a storyboard for your advertisement; ad should run for 30 seconds; storyboard template will be provided

Print – actually create the ad as it would appear inside a magazine or newspaper; use current magazine ads as examples but be creative

Radio – write out the entire script for the radio ad that you are proposing; the ad should total 20 seconds

Billboard – draw out or design on computer the actual billboard ad; should match typical billboard dimensions


In addition, you will need to provide me with a paper that explains the details of your project. By details, I want the following information:

  1. the product you chose and the product category it belongs to
  2. the target market that you are aiming to serve with this product as well as what positioning you will use with this product and show in your ads
  3. what 3 ad types you will be creating
  4. a description of each ad which includes how the ad was put together, the reasoning for creating the ad the way you did, and how it will help you to reach the target market.


This paper will be typed, double spaced, using Arial 12-pt font. I expect at least a page describing each ad as well as at least one page describing your product and positioning for a total of at least 5 full pages.

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