As a group, (using a Group Discussion in Blackboard, email, text, Zoom, Skype, etc.) share your responses from STEP 1 and then:


  1. Discuss among the group your responses for 1 –4.
  2. Do all members agree on these stereotypes?
  3. Is the stereotype helpful or hurtful to products which help perpetuate the stereotype?
  4. Do you believe that consumers are aware that this stereotype is associated with the product?
  5. How do you think awareness of the stereotype influencesconsumers?
  6. How do you think awareness of the stereotype influences how you and/or others interact with consumers who use the product with the stereotypeattached?
  7. What theories, if any, have we covered which might support the use of thestereotype.


The Team Leader with the help of the group, will develop the recap of the group discussion. Identify the three (3) stereotypes which the group feels are the most relevant to healthcare. The review of those three (3) stereotypes should be no more than 6 PowerPoint slides. Clearly and succinctly develop your responses as a group to discussion questions 1-3. Each recap slide should include the stereotype, image(s) and the response to the discussion questions. Provide information regarding consensus and highlight differences.



The Team Leader will compile all of the individual response slides gathered from Blackboard Group File Exchange and will include them along with the group review slides. The Team Leader on the cover slide will identify the assignment and assign the participation percentage of the group members for the assignment. The cover slide will also include the group number and group member names.

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