The assignment is to complete homework problem 15-18.  Part 1 is to calculate the ratios of Sabin Electronics for this year and last year (don’t worry about calculating the total asset turnover and equity multiplier, items 1g. and 1j.).  Part 2 is to prepare the balance sheet and income statement down through net income in common-size format (ie, percentages).  Part 3 is to prepare a brief memo that summarizes how Sabin Electronics is performing relative to the benchmarks in its industry and whether the loan is likely going to be approved or not.  The assignment should be completed as an excel spreadsheet or word document and submitted on canvas by Monday, July 3.  If you have any trouble calculating (or want to verify that your calculations are correct) or interpreting any of the ratios, you are welcome to visit Frank’s office.  There is an example of a ratio analysis, available on the main page here on canvas, under “Ratio Analysis Example”.


the book name is:

Garrison, Noreen & Brewer, Managerial Accounting, 15 Edition, Irwin McGraw HillthPublishers.  The “customized” edition for USU students is available at the bookstore and may becheaper than the full 15 edition that you might find available on-line.  Use any prior editions ofththe textbook at your own discretion and risk.  Besides those materials provided on canvas, additional resources are available at the textbook website: “”.

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