Module 5

Module 4 DQ 2


The nature of an organization’s relationship with stakeholders often evolves through a series of stages (inactive, reactive, proactive, and interactive). In which of these stages is the organizational response to stakeholder input most effective? Why? Is there ever a situation in which a response based in the seemingly least desirable stage is actually the most valid? Why or why not?

Module 5 DQ 1

In the current economic climate with more focus than ever before on demonstrating efficient and responsible application of public policies, how critical is it for governmental entities and organizations reliant on government contracts to build trust with stakeholders? Why? Will building trust with stakeholders help these entities remain within contractual guidelines? Why or why not?

Module 5 DQ 2

What is the most significant means by which stakeholders in non-governmental organizations influence public policy related to their organizations? Why?


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