Economics and decision making

The report will be graded in accordance to the following: A. PART I: summary of the article (10 points) B. PART II: relationship to the topic/module from the syllabus (15 points ) C. PART III: personal analysis (75 point s ) You should fo llow the steps listed below for your report: 1. Search a current article (less than 2 years old) 2. Summarize the article 3. Give the relationship of the article with the topic/module 4. Give your personal analysis of the article and relationship to the topic/module NOTE: The report MUST BE TYPED and should be 2 to 2.5 pages long.


FOURTH UNIT MARKET EFFICIENCY Module 11: Consumer and Producer Surplus (a) Consumer Surplus and the Demand Curve (b) Producer Surplus and the Supply Curve Module 12: Efficiency in Markets (a) Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus, and Efficiency (b) A Market Economy or Econ – 002 – Page 5 SIXTH UNIT ECONOMICS AND DECISION MAKING Module 1 8: Making Decisions Module 19: Behavioral Economics (Optional) Module 20: Maximizing Utility (a) Utility: It’s All About Getting Satisfaction (b) Budgets and Optimal Constraints (c) Spending the Marginal Dollar

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