Why  were so many African colonies able to gain their independence in the  1960s? Why did so many African countries experience civil wars or other  violence after they gained independence?

Despite  the region’s importance, the United States did not get drawn into a war  in the Middle East during the Cold War period (1945-1989). Was the US  able to protect its national interests in the region anyway? Explain  your answer, using specific examples.

Should  Ronald Reagan be considered a hero for his handling of the Cold War?  Should Mikhail Gorbachev? In each case, explain why or why not, using  specific examples.

Is  there something the Soviet Union could have done differently to avoid  losing the Cold War? If so, what? If not, why don’t you think the  Soviets understood that?

Did  you mention globalization and technological change in one or more of  your answers above? If so, you can skip this question. If not, how did  those forces affect people’s lives in the 1960s? Illustrate your points  by using specific countries as examples.


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