History Essay

There are 4 essay topic options.

Completed essays must follow these formatting requirements:All papers should be at least a minimum of 3 written pages, with no maximum page count.  (Approximate minimum word count 850-1000 words)


Acceptable fonts (no larger than 14 pt.): Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, or Book Antiqua

1” maximum margins on top, bottom, right and left

In-text citations, using either endnotes or footnotes only

You must use at least five (5) sources that you will be using in the final writing of your paper.  The bibliography should have a MINIMUM of two (2) primary sources and one (1) image source (primary if possible).  If the image is a primary source, it is not included in the two primary source requirement.  Internet sources should be avoided unless they are from academic sources.  ALL internet sources must be approved by the instructor, and failure to gain approval will result in not receiving credit for those included sources in this assignment as well as in the final bibliography with the paper.

Image used to support your research should be either embedded in the essay text as a wrapped object or included on a separate page.  If wrapped, please consider that amount of essay text that is being displaced by the image and compensate that displacement by insuring that the proper page length/word requirement is met in additional pages.  Each image MUST be supported by an analysis in a caption.  The caption DOES contribute to word count of the final essay project (suggested caption word count: 50-100 words)

Bibliography/Works Cited page (separated on its own page at end of paper)

There should be NO headers (paper title, student name, course, date, instructor, etc.) on ANY page that includes written essay-body text.  Any header information, if desired but not required, should ONLY be on a title page.

Each paper should be accompanied by a Bibliography/Works Cited page with correct format for all sources used in the paper.  The required citation method for this course is the Turabian/Chicago citation method.  The Bibliography/Works Cited page DOES NOT count in total required page count of the essay Assignment.

Students must use either footnotes or endnotes for in-text citations, but not a mixture of both.  Be consistent throughout the paper.  Footnote and endnote citations also do count in final paper page/word count.

Paper deductions for incomplete/incorrect submissions (please note, these are automatic deductions from the first overall viewing of the essay before it is read and will be applied first to your score; the quality of the actual written paper will then be scored from the remaining points if any of the following deductions are made):

Plagiarism:  Depending of the severity of the academic dishonesty in the submitted paper, this can result in a deduction of 50-100 points automatically.

Paper length:  Papers that do not meet the minimum page length are subject to an automatic deduction of 5 points for half a page and 10 points for a full page.  This is a cumulative total, thus a paper that is 2 pages short is subject to an automatic 20 point deduction, a paper that is 1.5 pages short is subject to a deduction of 15 points, etc.

Header on essay text pages:  This infraction can be a multiple point deduction.  For the header itself is an automatic 5 point deduction for each page it is included on essay text pages.  Additionally, this can also result in addition paper length deductions if the header is used to “increase” the essay length.

Citations: This varies according to failure to cite your sources properly, including your image source.  Deductions can range from: 5 points for each source included in your Bibliography, but not used in your paper; 10 points for failure to include a Bibliography/Works Cited with your final essay; 5 points for failure to format the Bibliography in Turabian/Chicago format; 5-10 points for failure to use endnotes or footnotes.

Gratuitous and larger than specified margins and/or paper spacing can range 5-10 points depending on their overall impact of the paper length.  Much like including a header, large margins and spacing can multiply the point deduciton if the paper does not meet the minimum required length/word count.

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