Strategic Management

Quiz Questions Chapters 1 – 4 from Textbook Strategy Management – An integrated Approach 10th ed. by Charles W. L. Hill)

Please follow the following steps:


Answer each question FULLY. Make sure your answer conveys a well-developed understanding of the material and answer to each question should be not less than two pages. Please put a number to the answers.

#I As CEO of your Company how would you explain the five (5) primary, irreducible steps to the strategic planning process and their usage / application to your employees?

A diagram of the five steps may be helpful in formulating your answer. (Hint, this information was presented as a handout along with a diagram.) Materials are found in Chapter 1

#II As CEO what insight or knowledge would you expect to gain from the use of a “Competitive Forces Model “, as a planning tool? Fully discuss. ( Hint, Michael Porter’s The Five Forces Model, etc. ) Materials are found in Chapter 2

#III As CEO what are your thoughts regarding the roles resourcescapabilities and the concept of Distinctive Competencies play in strategic management and what sources and actions would you employ to achieve Distinctive Competencies within your Company? Materials are found in Chapter 3

#IV As CEO how would you proceed so as to achieve and effectively use Superior Quality for a competitive advantage? Discuss both improving quality as Reliability and quality as Excellence. Materials are found in Chapter 4

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