•Go The White House website and read your current President’s Executive Orders.

•Pick one of these Executive Orders and you are going to write a reflective paper about the Executive Order.


•ead the Executive Orders and pick one to do research on and write about for this class.

•In your paper you will do the following:

–Introduction to Paper

–An overview of the Executive Order – fully explain it, what it means, what it does, and what impact it has in the United States.

–Research the Executive Order and include an explanation of why the President made it and signed it as an Executive Order – explain the “who, what, when, where, and why?” Fully explain the President’s explanation of why he wrote and signed the Executive Order.


•What to address, continued…

–Do you agree or disagree with the Executive Order and – fully explain your reflections on why or why not.

–If you were an advisor to the President what kind of advice would you give him about how the American people would react to this Executive Order – what things should the President consider – i.e. pros and cons – before signing this into law? Address how the American people will react positively and why and how they will react negatively and why?

–If you were the Attorney General of the State of Texas, would you challenge this Executive Order in federal court? Why or why not? There are always citizens asking the AG to do so – if you were the AG what would you do and why?

–Conclusion to Paper

APA style writing with 12 point front ,1 inch margins and double spaced

three sources is necessary[Executive order can be a source)e outline now


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