Case Study #1: Situational Analysis of Boiling Crab 

This assignment has four learning objectives:

  1. To enhance your understanding of environmental analysis;
  2. To identify significant trends and factors in the environment that impact on businesses’
  3. To use strategic analytical tools to conduct environmental analysis
  4. To assess the impacts of environmental factors and trends on businesses

The first case study will be environmental analysis of a local seafood restaurant called Boiling Carb. It is a small seafood restaurant chain. The closest locations to campus are in San Jose. In this assignment, please write a short two-page analysis report based on the following two requirements.

  1. Based on your personal experience or online research, briefly introduce the company
  2. Identify one significant current or future trend or factor that shape Boiling Crab’s future strategic direction and growth. Conduct an in-depth analysis of this trend or factor and evaluate its impact on the restaurant.
    Based on Porter’s Five Forces Model, identify one trend or factor in the operating environment that might has a significant impact on Boiling Crab. Conduct a preliminary evaluation of this trend or factor and examine its impact on the restaurant’s future growth.

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