Planning Concerns

You have been hired to plan an industry specific conference in an overseas location (Eastern Hemisphere). You may choose the conference as well as the location, but it must be an overseas location in the Eastern Hemisphere. This means you may not choose a location in the Caribbean. You have been planning events for over five years, but this is your first international event. The conference will feature dignitaries and high-profile leaders in the industry. This is also the first time this particular conference is being held overseas.

In this assignment, discuss the following: What is the magnitude and impact of this event for the location selected? How will the success or failure effect the organization globally? How does the negotiation process factor into the process? What laws are important to know when negotiating contracts in a global environment? What are the different types of risks you will face when planning the event and how will you address them in the overseas location? Given it is an overseas location, are there ADA requirements? What are the laws governing intellectual property at this location? How can technology impact site selection for the event? You will also need to discuss what associations (nationally and internationally) you will use to help plan the event. In looking for partners in your location, what credentials must they have? What professional development associates must they have, i.e. CVB, DMO, MPA etc?

This should be a 5-7 page paper (excluding the title page and reference page). Ensure you use additional sources to support your work.


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