Application: Motivations to Serve 

Please review the Week One Assignment and revise your paper to describe the role you have chosen and why you have chosen it.


To prepare for this assignment:

  • Review  the article, “Rational Action and Political Activity.” Pay particular  attention to the analysis of citizen participation for some ways in  which citizens may serve government.
  • Review the media piece, Virtual Community.
  • Explore  the buildings within the virtual community. The buildings with dots  above them contain content you can view. That content will be a video or  text about one of five character roles.
  • After reviewing all the content, select a role from the virtual community. You will use the same role for the remainder of the course.

The assignment (2 pages):

  • Explain the role from the virtual community and why you selected it.
  • Explain how the role you selected fits within the landscape of American government and public policy.
  • Justify your response with references to the Literature.

Week 1 Announcement

In Week One, you will be asked to select a role from the virtual community.  Please note that there are ONLY three roles from which you are to choose:

– A campaign manager.  Please note: you may choose one particular candidate OR you may envision the processes you would need to follow with any candidate you might manage.

– The head of a public agency.   Here you will see the issues from the point of view of a government  entity. Again, you do not need to identify the specific agency if you do  not wish to; rather, you can discuss the tasks from a more general  point of view, discussing how any agency head would have to think about  the strategies and responses.

– The head of a nonprofit organization OR an interest group.   Note: an interest group might be a nonprofit organization, a business  or group of businesses, or a special interest group (e.g. an  environmental group or a pro-gun rights group, etc.)

Again,  if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.  It is important to  choose the role carefully as you will use it in many assignments.

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