Paper And Presentation On Current Events Organizational Behavior

Review and analyze four current event articles related to organizational behavior.

Complete the following:

1) a paper and

2) presentation

that summarizes the findings and analysis of the articles.

Your presentation must contain the following components:

A minimum of 10 PowerPoint slides

A summary of the article and the issue that the article discusses

Proper citation of each article with one slide at the end of the presentation that contains citations in APA format titled ‘references’.

A connection between the article and specific readings that you have conducted in class

Interesting format, use of graphics (charts, graphs, images that help visualize the topic) and consistent font, proper style, grammar and spelling


Your paper should contain the following components:

Analysis of each article with a connection between the article and reading that you have conducted in class.

An answer to “How could the Organizational Behavior concepts discussed in the article be applied in my organization?” “How does this information help me think more deeply about Organizational Behavior?” and “What limitations does this article have? What would I have liked more information on?”

Length: 10-16 pages double-spaced, Times Roman font

Format: APA style


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