DIVERSITY Writing Assignment

Select THREE (3) of the following questions to answer.  Answer the questions in essay form.  Use complete sentences and proper grammar.  Each answer must be one page in length, double spaced.  Submissions will be graded on these guidelines.  Please number your responses to the questions.

1.  Explain what is meant by our changing cultural landscape.

2.  Describe and give examples of demographic, social and cultural changes that are responsible for the growing importance of diversity.

3.  Discuss one example that illustrates each of the following statements.

  • Dimensions of diversity may be hidden or visible.
  • Dimensions of diversity are found within groups as well as within individuals.
  • Dimensions of diversity are in a constant state of flux.
  • Dimensions of diversity are not always clear-cut or easily defined.

4.  List and explain five diversity myths.

5.  Contrast assimilation and pluralism and give an example of each. 6.  Explain three benefits of developing a global perspective.


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