You and some of your friends want to travel to another country to provide aid in the form of a mission trip. You have been chosen as the team leader, and your job is to provide a plan for the trip, including a financial plan. This is a big job, and you want to do it right, so you and your team have agreed that the trip will take place 5 years from now.

You will write a 1250 – 1500 word narrative describing the trip. This is a report. You will need a minimum of three scholarly resources (see the resource list below for ideas) and needs to address the following areas:

1. An overview of your purpose for the project: Where are going, and what service will you be providing? Remember, evangelism cannot be the sole purpose of your trip.

2. Cultural and social aspects of the country and its population that led you to choose this area of the world.

3. How your choice of project works toward fulfillment of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic ideal to love your neighbor as yourself: How does your personal worldview and the possible worldviews of your target population influence your plans for the trip?

4. Information about your target population: Who are you planning to serve? How does this population compare to the population of the country as a whole? You will also need to make a projection about the target population in 5 years. The World Factbook provides population growth data to help you here. See the Tips and formulas section below for information about how to present this in your paper.

5. Aspects of the country that make it a suitable location for your trip. In particular, include information about –

a. The economic situation in your country and how your project will improve this.

b. Possible concerns that you need to keep in mind to keep your team and your target population safe. This could be safety from violence or from health problems (for example, will your team need inoculations to travel to the country).



You should plan to use the following resources to help you with your plan. You can also use other resources, but at a minimum, you will need the Excel Budget Spreadsheet, BLS CPI data, and CIA World Factbook. Additionally, your paper requires three scholarly sources.

· Country list.docx: Includes the list of countries you are allowed to choose from for this project, along with some important facts about the country’s make up.

· Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Data information:

· CIA World Fact Book: You must use this source. You will find that it contains a wealth of demographic, economic, and cultural information about your country.

· U.S. Department of State website: This site will give you important information about your country, as well as information about travel overseas.

· Excel Budget Spreadsheet: Attached to the assignment directions, and provides a compact way to explain your budget and funding.

· Your course textbook


Country List

1. Albania


2. Algeria


3. Argentina

4. Armenia


5. Australia


6. Belarus


7. Bosnia & Herzegovina


8. Brazil

9. Chad


10. China


11. Georgia


12. Guatemala


13. Indonesia


14. Iran

15. Macedonia


16. Madagascar

17. Mali


18. Mexico


19. Mongolia


20. Morocco


21. Niger

22. Niue


23. Peru


24. Philippines


25. Samoa


26. Sierra Leone

27. Sri Lanka


28. Suriname


29. Tonga


30. Yemen



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