This  week’s assignment is to create a Powerpoint presentation.  This  presentation should be 12 – 15 slides long in addition to a cover page  and a reference page.  Use bullets on most slides but each page should  include a note section with at least 150 words in addition to the  slide.  Cite your work, limit  quotes, and edit your work well for spelling, grammar, and punctuation  errors.  Quotes should always be rare and properly cited.  Slides or  notes with excessive quotes will have deductions.  Use your own words.

Assignment – Examine Trait, Skills, Behavioral,  Situational, and Path-goal approaches/theories of leadership

Prepare a presentation as if you  were a leadership instructor.  You are to prepare it so you will be able  to teach a lesson to a class.   Using the five approaches/theories of  leadership we have discussed in the first three weeks of class, document  what the approach or theory is based on, how it is different than the  others, and when it is best used.   Consider the strengths and  weaknesses of each one.   Give examples of when each theory would work  best.   For example, consider different positions like a construction  plant manager or a school principal or a nurse. What approach would work  best for different positions?   Incorporate that into your lesson.    Your goal is to have your audience (students) understand the five  approaches and when to use them.

Do not copy definitions from the  book.  Use your own words to get your students to understand the  different aspects of the theories.  Use the 12 – 15 slides for the five  approaches/theories, approximately two- three pages for each one.


Title Slide – Include a title page with your name, student number, title of your paper, course number, course name, & date.

Introductory Slide – Include a short introduction of your agenda/topics.

Length  – 12 – 15 slides plus the title page and citation page. Make sure you  have at least 150 words in the note section of each page.  Do not  include any quotes in your notes.

Reference  Page – Include at least two outside sources in addition to your  textbook and other course articles on a separate reference page.  Use  references with authors, not websites. All references must have  citations within your paper.  Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference.

Proof read your work well to ensure spelling/grammar/punctuation and sentence structure are in good order.


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