Methodology requirements

  1. Explain the process behind your selection of sources: the ones you picked, the ones you left out of your infographic and why. Remember: 4 (four) minimum sources.
  2. Explain why you think they are reliable or, if you think they are somewhat biased, explain what kind of bias they can have.
  3. Include a full list of the sources you have considered (data sources list), split between the ones you included in the infographic file and the ones you did NOT include in it.
  4. Include a web link to your infographic online (as from the instruction above, make sure it is visible from a computer other than yours.


Methodology file: you are free to choose your font, spacing and other features of formatting. Your only constraint is a one-inch margin minimum throughout your document.

Data sources list: you are free to choose whichever bibliographic format you prefer (APA, MLA, etc.) as long as you include all the relevant information. That includes author, year, title, source, web link (when applicable


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