public relations department

1. You work in the public relations department of michael kors and you have been assigned the Guangzhou factory strike crisis. The company needs you to reacts to the strike before this story is picked up widely by the media. What would you do? take me through each of the 4 crisis management steps describing your actions as professional PR representative for michael kors?. You can find this in the article michael kors china factory workers strike over alleged abuse.

2.Write out the positive PR steps that united airlines did right with regards to this matter. From a PR and reputation point of view. is there anything else united airlines could have done in the case of Dr.Dao?. Article: the boycott that was not: How united weathered a media firestorm.

3.After you have read through this case study. has your opinion of volkswagen changed? describe your opinion before and after. In your eyes what can volkswagen do to regain the public’s trust? Article: inside VW’S Campaing of trickery


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