International Business Law

Answer all of the questions in good form.

1. Is it fair that if a US investor/company wants to go abroad and do business in that country that the US investor/company cannot own 100 percent of the foreign entity but yet if a foreign investor/company wants to come to the US they can generally own 100 percent of the US entity here? For example, Budweiser, Coors, Miller, and Smithfield foods along with many others are not US owned entities. Elaborate.

2. After reading, “reading 6-1”, (Please find reading 6-1 in the attached document to answer this question).

since the US Dollar has been the “world’s default currency” will there be any effect upon the citizenry of the US when the Yuan becomes a world reserve currency or are concerns and worries unfounded?Elaborate.

3 On March 26, 2018 China officially starts selling oil in the Yuan thereby cutting out the US Dollar. How will this affect those of us here in the US? Elaborate.  


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