Organized Labor

This paper needes to be 4 pages about what a labor contract says. This is a key element in whether or not the union or employer will win at a grievance arbitration case. View the following video that explains that the contract wording alone sometimes does not tell the whole story Eisenberg 2015 This paper needs to Select two labor contracts each representing a different industry group.

Discuss in your own words How the two contract sections on employee grievance handling differ and are the same paying close attention to the definition of grievance grievance processing steps mediation and or arbitration and other important topics in the clause .

Compare and contrast their employee discipline discharge clauses. Summarize by bringing in your module readings and or library research to discuss the impact grievance handling might have on employee relations.

Include at least 3 library sources to help strengthen your discussion.

Half of your paper should be a table or tables and half a discussion of your conclusions drawn from the tables you present.  APA formatt


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