Compatative CJS

Assignment:    The United States more resembles the United Kingdom and Germany in its system of local police power versus France’s system of national policing.  However, the United States goes even further in that the divisions of police power (local, state, and federal) rarely overlap in jurisdiction.  This creates “multiple, decentralized, and uncoordinated” police efforts.  To some, the United States seems to spend more money than is necessary to effectively enforce laws.   You have been asked to serve as Attorney General of the United States by a President who wants to expand the limited role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation toward establishing a national police force.  Though you may not agree with the philosophy, you agree to appear before Congress to argue the issue.

To prepare for the hearing you must:

•Create a list of at least 5 positive reasons for centralizing law enforcement duties at the federal level

•Provide at least a one-page explanation of each reason, including a list of any perceived drawbacks to nationalization (to prepare for cross-examination during your initial presentation to congressional representatives)

Assignment Parameters: 

•1500 word minimum (no more than 2000)

•Use APA style, including a title page and reference page (which do not count in the 5-page minimum length), and cite all sources.


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