Research Proposal

Each student will be required to complete a research proposal, as the term
project. The research proposal will include the following:

. Title page

. Abstract (100-120 words)

. Introduction

. Hypothesis/Problem Statement/Purpose Statement

. Literature Review and Definitions included in research

. Research methods/design

. References

. Appendices – as needed (annotated bibliography, example consent form,
example survey if used)

The project should have at least 1000-words of substance not counting the
cover and reference page. Please include a Cover Page, an abstract and a
list of references.

Research gap:

Research regarding the effectiveness and perception of law enforcements Body
Worn Cameras (BWC) are to insufficient to draw a definitive conclusion.

Working Title:

Law enforcements negative perception of Body Worn Cameras

Proposed Research Question:

Do BWC increase the public’s trust in law enforcement?


Body-worn cameras (BWC’s) are being implemented in almost all police
departments across the U.S., these cameras are seen as a way to increase

transparency and accountability of our officers. With the number of officer
involved shootings in recent history, some officers perception of these

cameras, may impact there departments implementation. However, will BWC’s
increase the public’s trust in law enforcement officer? The purpose of this
qualitative study will be to ascertain if police officers have a negative
perception of BWC’s. The survey will include five different departments of

various sizes, and officers who are familiar with BWC’s. Future research on
this topic will include a qualitative study to determine if BWC’s
implementation can and will be effected by officers perception.


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