Paraphrase, Summary and Quotation Assignment

Paraphrase, Summary and Quotation Assignment

Source: World War II by C. L. Sulzburger.  Page 125

This average American soldier of World War II was taller and heavier than his father who had fought in World War I.  When he went off to serve his country, he had had some high school education; he knew how to drive a car, how to swim, how to do the Jitterbug and the Big Apple or the Lindy.  He usually came from a city or big town.  Chances were he had never fired a rifle; he spoke no other language than his own; and as yet he had not learned how to shoot craps.  Once in the hands of the Army, he was given a remarkably fast haircut at no charge, then punctured with inoculations, garbed in a floppy olive-drab outfit called “fatigues,” and put under the tutelage of a hard-cussing buck sergeant who barked weird commands and soon had him throwing out his chest and talking in a jargon that he would remember for the rest of his life.

Info you might need:
Jitterbug, Big Apple and Lindy are dance crazes of the 1920s and 1930s.  Craps are a popular dice game usually played to gamble.

Read the above paragraph carefully, looking up any words you do not understand perfectly.  First write a Paraphrase of the paragraph complete with in-text citation and following the correct format as I explained in class. Remember that a paraphrase rewrites all the ideas of the original, in the same level of detail, but in your own words and sentence structure. Then write a Summary of the paragraph with in-text citation and in the correct format.  Remember a summary is capturing the main idea of the paragraph in a sentence or two.Finally you will quote from the paragraph, using in-text citation and the correct format I discussed in class.   Finally, you need to quote at least two full sentences. You cannot quote a few words or a half sentence. You will also need an in text citation and follow the correct format as I explained in class. You will put Paraphrase, Summary or Quotation over each paragraph so I know which one is which.  You will end up with a one and a half to two page paper with three paragraphs.


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