ClassAdvanced Directives are documents which should be prepared BEFORE a person is cognitively impaired or unable to communicate such decisions.The Week 2 Matrix  Assignment  examined documents used to maintain and protect the rights of adults and older adults although age has no factor on when one should prepare such documents.Now, how do you fit with all of this? Get ready to consider your own living will  whether you are 21 or 61. To get started, think about and jot down a quick draft of what you wish to convey in your own Living Will. Consider your own personal, conceptual, or moral perspective on this issue. Death is equally a part of life just as birth is – however, far fewer people prepare for the end-of-life.Clearly state your own decisions regarding the following in 150-200 words to your selected designee (Spouse, Parent, Sibling, etc.).

  • Your Designee
  • DNR
  • Life Support
  • Tube Feeding
  • Ventilator
  • Organ Donation
  • Lastly, consider what is important to you if you are unable to communicate to your loved ones (e.g. quality of life, visitors, location of burial, cremation,  type of funeral service preferred )

Do all of this seriously and, when finished, let us know if this was difficult for you to think about or if it felt comfortable to begin getting your affairs in order.    When working with older adults, you may need to discuss matters of living wills, Advanced Directives, and other documents. No better way to understand a process than to complete it yourself.You, of course, can consider finalizing your wishes with an attorney and give copies to appropriate family members, medical doctors, and clergy or spiritual advisor.

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