Discussion Assignment 2: This is Your Career on Analytics:

Data analytics is becoming pervasive in all industries and facets of business, and demand for data-related skills in the workplace is steadily growing.  The purpose of this assignment is to invite you to learn and discuss how analytics is used “in the wild” – i.e., in an area of business that interests you.  Before the due date, do the following for this assignment:

1. Make at least one original post to this discussion thread about the use of analytics in business

Do some online research to find something interesting related to the use of analytics in a field that interests you.  Post what you find to this discussion thread.  Include the link to the resource or page (where applicable) and a brief commentary on why you think it is interesting or important. Ideas may include the following:

  1. An example of how a company or other organization used some type of analytics to reveal an insight or solve a problem
  2. An example of how a company you work for uses analytics (or how you believe they could or should use analytics)
  3. A career outlook report that discusses the demand for analytics-related skills in the workplace
  4. Online resources for learning more about analytics topics and/or software

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