Expository Essay: Womens Studies

Expository Essay:

In an 1800-2000 word expository essay (6 pages), answer the following question:

How do the policies of neoliberal economic globalization, such as NAFTA and/or the IMF’s structural adjustment programs, disparately impact women according to class, race and national differences across nation-state borders?


Your essay must reference at least four readings from the textbook. The documentaries screened in class can also be used to support your main argument. You may use any other case studies to support your argument so long as you properly cite your sources.

The point of this exercise is to demonstrate that you understand the significance of a transnational feminist perspective to the study of women.

Remember to be as specific as possible about the historical time period, national context and the discipline of the feminist scholars or activists of the readings or case studies you reference.

IMPORTANT: Please use a 12 pt. font, double spaced lines, 1-inch margins, and one standard acceptable format for citations for your references and bibliography. Your essay must have a clear thesis statementlogical organization of paragraphs that follow from your thesis statement with clear topic sentences and transition sentences to guide your reader, logical evidence to support your thesis, and an introduction and conclusion that all supports your main argument. You must use proper citations (footnotes and bibliography) in one of the following accepted formats: Turabian, MLA, Chicago or APA. (Sample Chicago Style below). If you do not know how to properly cite a research paper, go to the UH Writing Center for help with this before you turn your paper in.


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