In an essay entitled, “Toys, Games and Childhood,” the authors argue that the sheer number of toys available to children today is a cause for concern for three reasons: the tremendous economic cost to adults associated with purchasing toys; the disposable nature of toys and the desire to always want (and get) the newest action figure, doll, computer game, or electronic device; and finally the concern that these toys do not fully stimulate a child’s imagination (Papadomichelaki and Vance 239-241). But not everyone agrees with this line of thinking. Some people see toys as a method of escape or diversion, a way for children and adults to pass the time. Others see toys as having the potential to educate and inform children about the world around them and to stimulate children’s imaginations through toys such as dolls, video games, or computer software. Some people see toys such as skateboards, footballs, bicycles, and such as a way for kids to become more active and better coordinated. Still others see musical instruments and electronic devices such as ipods as ways for children to experience and learn about music. Some people even see video games, board games and puzzles like Sudoku, Tetris, and World of Warcraft as building problem-solving skills. Even others are happy to provide children with cardboard boxes, sticks, paint, scissors, paper and glue to allow children to invent and design their own toys.

For this essay, please discuss your vision of the ideal toy. Be sure to describe the toy and explain what benefits it might provide for the child who plays with it. Support your ideas with detailed evidence and be sure to spend some time editing your work.


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