GEO 102 Written Exam 

The written exam will be submitted before the end of our scheduled final exam time during finals week.

Please address each prompt individually and fully explain your opinion/position with examples from the textbook, class discussion and other experiences (e.g., giving and watching speeches). Refer to notes, assignments, feedback and readings to help you develop complete answers. As an estimate, make sure your answer to each question is at least one full, double-spaced page. Anything shorter is probably too brief/ not detailed enough.

1. Review the student learning outcomes listed in the course syllabus. To what degree did you learn those things (so far)? Choose three of the outcomes for which you’ve seen the most development and discuss what activities and assignments contributed to your improvement with each of those outcomes.

2. Explain the power and impact of public speaking using examples from class discussion, classmates’ speeches and your own presentations.

3. Explain how one concept from this class applies to contexts outside of the University such as work, interpersonal relationships or volunteer opportunities. Then, provide an example of how you have applied or will apply the concept. Do not discuss a concept that you selected as an answer to a different question.

4. Discuss how the variety of perspectives, ideas, opinions and values expressed in this class impacted your experience (i.e., what and how you learned in the class).

5. What actions did you take that contributed to your learning and successes in GEO? If you could start over, what actions would you take or recommend to future students (provide at least 5 recommendations).

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