Traditional Training Methods

Based on the scenario, assess key roles of the lecture / discussion training method as it applies to today’s virtual era. Provide examples from the scenario and the textbook to support your rationale. Analyze two to three specific benefits that students can derive from the addition of audiovisual enhancements to traditional training methods.




In 1979, Clifford Giese had become so frustrated with the amount of time it took to get his fleet of vehicles serviced that he created a drive-through oil change system. His first store opened that year, and by 1984, there were 45 stores. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Giese sold the rights to the Mr. Lube trademark to Imperial Oil Limited (Esso), and by 2003, the number of corporate stores and franchised outlets had grown to 87. However, this growth created new challenges for maintaining the consistent high quality and customer-focused service across the widely distributed network. The success of the Mr. Lube operation depended on a high level of competence from a relatively young and geographically dispersed workforce. The technical aspects of the industry were becoming increasingly sophisticated, making training a key component in Mr. Lube’s strategic thinking. In 2002, Senior Vice-President Bill Tickner did not feel that the paper-based training system that had developed over the history of the company could meet the demands of the current workforce and company configuration. The training manuals contained all the correct information about how to service a vehicle properly, but he didn’t feel that employees were actually reading the voluminous training manuals and technical bulletins distributed to each of the stores and franchises. Additionally, there was no reliable and easy way to ensure that the employee actually understood and retained the information. How could he ensure that every employee across the country had the competencies needed to meet Mr. Lube’s standards, while keeping the cost within reasonable limits?

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