Elements—Ethical And Legal

As one of the only departments in an organization that influences all other departments, how much impact should the Human Resources Department/Division have on the organization’s actions and strategic planning? Should the Human Resources Department/Division be involved as a key contributor in the development of the organization’s overall strategic plan? What responsibility or role does the HR Department/Division and its Annual HR Operating Plan have to insure that legal and ethical requirements and guidelines are met within the organization?

This week you consider ways in which Human Resource professionals might respond to potential unethical and illegal behavior on the part of the organization. In addition, you explore how an HR Annual Operating Plan can help protect an organization from lawsuits.


Students will:

  • Evaluate alternatives for addressing ethical and legal concerns within an organization
  • Analyze role of Human Resources Department/Division in minimizing unethical or illegal behavior
  • Analyze role of Annual Human Resources Operating Plans in minimizing unethical or illegal behavior

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