Who’s Getting It Right?


In this course, to date, we have discussed the following four content areas:

  1. How various levelers are coming together to flatten the world;
  2. How the free market economy, in conjunction with these levers, has supported business growth of unprecedented magnitude (what have we learned from this growth?);
  3. The responsibility of business to profitability as well as to be socially, ethically and environmentally aware;
  4. The influence and opportunity presented by technology. (This week’s lesson)

Using the list above, what company appears to be doing it right? How? Pick a specific company and research them in depth. Here are some suggestions:

  • Tie the history, culture, and operations of the business directly to class content.
  • Weave their business into the class, drawing parallels through examples and great quotes.
  • Focus on a business that appears to be doing the things that we have discussed to date.
  • Find a business that takes advantage of the flat world, technology, CSR and other factors that are shaping their business model to support success in today’s marketplace and as a responsible citizen.

These do not have to be big companies, hundreds of small companies are making an impact and therefore noteworthy as well. Please make sure you touch on all four content areas listed above.

Note: This assignment should demonstrate evidence of course content to date and be based on cited facts.

It can be completed as a power point presentation or may be submitted in writing. If submitted in writing, your assignment should be 3-4 pages in length. If submitted as a PowerPoint, you should have 15 – 20 slides and may need to use the “notes” section to disclose additional information


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