A Shameful Affair

Throughout Kate Chopin’s writing women play a major role. Whether in her short stories or in her novels, one of her primary goals is to talk about women’s roles in Southern American society. In this response explain how you perceive Chopin’s notion of where women fit in the preCivil War South. Are they free? Do they have a voice? What is their role in their marriages or other relationships? Do they have power? These questions and others you may examine (not all but only those that you feel are most important). Being a woman who had 6 children of her own in less than 10 years, you may be able to understand her view by looking at her life as well as her characters’ lives. This response is worth 50 points and is due on June 5 by midnight.

read stories: “A Shameful Affair” “At the Cadian Ball” “The Storm” “Desiree’s Baby” “A Respectable Woman” “Story of an Hour” “Regret” “The Kiss”

Response from the stories listed above.


1. no outside resource.

2. simple english.

3. create a well-supported argument with examples and a clear explanation of how your points support the thesis of the response.

4. well organized.

5. MLA citation

6. third person.

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