English Writing

You have to give me 4 essays of 500 words each. You should follow the pattern taught in the book. That is an essay of 5 paragraphs ( an introduction, 3 supporting paragraphs and a conclusion). The broad topic for the first week was electronic devices, for the second week fear, for the third week either self’-respect or shame. This week the topic is either parents, siblings, childhood, racism. You must always take the broad topic and narrow it down, because you could write volumes about each of the broad topics. For example, the topic of siblings could lead you to writing about how your older brother played an important role in your life because he was your first friend when you were little, your confidant when you were a teenager and your mentor when you began your professional life. In other words, take the broad topic, narrow it down and then say something about your narrowed topic. Then develop that idea and support it with evidence, examples, explanations, etc in your three supporting paragraphs.

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