Hebrew Bible And Odysseus Questions

Only have to pick 2 questions to answer with 100 words each.

1. What are the three most important aspects of the nature of translation  that must be considered when reading a translation? Explain each  briefly.

2.  Discuss the beginning of literature: its “oral history”. What are/were some advantages? What are/were some disadvantages?


3.  Discuss briefly the history of writing.

4. Discuss briefly the history of the Hebrew people and their impact on writing/literature/religion

5. Why was the Hebrew concept of God considered so radical then? Explain briefly.

6.  Discuss the King James Version as a translation (focus on the reading from Genesis).

7.  Characterize God as we see Him presented in our readings from Genesis.

8.  Paraphrase/summarize one of the Psalms.

9.  Briefly discuss the history of Greek civilization.

10.  Compare/contrast the Hebrew’s idea of God with the Greek’s idea.

11.  Discuss the importance/contribution to civilization made by the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta.

12.  Characterize Odysseus.

13.  Why are Books XXII-XXIV sometimes called revenge and reunion? Explain.

14.  Discuss the roles of men and women in this society. Explain how these  are illustrated in the poem. Give specific examples to support your  answer.


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