analysis of marketing metrics and financial implications.

there will be prepared a 5-6 double-spaced page written analysis of the case studies, based upon questions supplied. Each specific questions need to answer in the paper.  Papers should include analysis of marketing metrics and financial implications.  Should not recap case facts in paper and should focus on the issues posed in the questions.Questions are under below:

1: If you were Troy Carter, which of the three touring options would you pursue for Lady Gaga? Why?

2: How much money does Gaga stand to gain (or lose) under each option? In your view, do the potential rewards justify the investment? And can Carter do anything to mitigate the risks of pursuing a solo tour?

3: Are Gaga’s main partners—Live Nation, WME, and her record label Interscope—likely to have the same preferences regarding the three options? Are their incentives generally aligned with Gaga’s?

4: How would you evaluate Gaga’s launch as an artist up to September 2009? How can her team best go about further developing her touring and recording career going forward? And how can team Gaga best leverage her social-media presence?

5: How important are concert-ticket sales versus recorded-music sales for an artist like Gaga? Where should team Gaga focus its efforts in the future?


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