Best Practices In Project Management.


Web Research Conduct an Internet search to find companies noted for best practices in Project Management.

Describe what these best-practice companies do in the field of Project Management.

What are the similarities across companies?

Describe any major differences.

Critique the best practices.

State how you would implement the best practices in your organization.

Submit your project in APA format with at least three in-text references.

Length: 5 pages (excluding cover and reference pages)

Project 2


Choose a topic that is related to one or more of the Course Objective.

Describe the topic.

State the purpose and the importance of the course topic.

Provide an overview of the presentation.

Create 5 to 6 PowerPoint slides of the content of the topic using 3 to 5 bullets per slide.

Include speaker notes of the presentation.

Note: You could create a live presentation (such as via YouTube) and provide a link to the presentation.

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