Change Management

8 Pages

APA Format

4 References

Create a business report, for the  leadership of your chosen organization that clearly outlines a change  strategy by completing the following steps:
A.  Analyze the current state of the chosen organization by doing the following:
1.  Describe the mission statement of the chosen organization.
a.  Describe the goals for the organization over the next three years.
2.  Identify the key external and internal stakeholders of the  organization (e.g., board members, employees, the community,  shareholders).
3.  Discuss the current leadership (e.g., structure, policies, procedures, organizational systems) in the chosen organization.
4.  Analyze at least two fundamental problems in the chosen organization.
5.  Explain why fundamental change is necessary for the chosen organization to meet its mission and goals.
B.  Perform a SWOT analysis for the organization.
C.  Create a strategic plan that addresses the organization’s fundamental problems by doing the following:
1.  Propose a strategy based on your SWOT analysis to address the organization’s fundamental problems.
a.  Explain how your strategy will benefit the organization and its stakeholders.
2.  Explain how you will implement your strategic plan by doing the following:
a.  Explain at least three steps key stakeholders need to take to prepare the organization for change implementation.
b.  Identify resources needed for each step in your implementation plan.
c.  Outline an implementation timeline for each step within your plan.
3.  Explain how you will evaluate your strategic plan by doing the following:
a.  Describe at least two success metrics that will be used to evaluate the plan.
b.  Explain how you will sustain the changes suggested in your plan.
c.  Discuss at least three challenges that might negatively affect the implementation of your plan.
i.  Discuss a contingency plan for each  anticipated challenge discussed in part C3c.
4.  Explain how you will communicate your strategic plan to the internal and external stakeholders identified in A2.


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