Plagiarism will not be tolerated. I have resources at my disposal to detect     plagiarism. Do not “cut and paste” from the internet! AT     THE VERY LEAST, YOU WILL GET A “0” IF YOU ARE CAUGHT PLAGIARIZING.

OBJECTIVES: Companies engaged in international business routinely conduct due diligence surveys of potential overseas markets prior to entry.  This project is designed to give you hands-on experience in pre-entry research and analysis of foreign markets.


1. You must first select a country of your choice – EXCEPT the U.S. or ARUBA. Aruba is prohibited because I’ve already provided you a sample copy of a project done on that country.

NOTE: The sample Aruba paper provided is meant to give you a general idea of what I am expecting. It is NOT to be interpreted as being a “perfect” paper.

2. Submit a written report of your findings using the following format:

I. INTRODUCTION (5 points)

Provide a brief description of the physical characteristics of the country.  Include:

· Location

· Size

· Topography

· Climate


· Size and average age of population

· Languages spoken

· Level of education of labor force

· Level of employment

· Ethnic breakdown

· Major religions

· Values and customs (e.g., women in the workforce, role of the family, attitudes toward foreigners, etc.)



· Type of government (democratic, totalitarian, etc.)

· Stability of the government

· Level of political risk

· Level of government participation in the economic system

· Type of legal system

· Level of protection of property rights

IV.  ECONOMIC CLIMATE (25 points).

· Type of economic system (free market, etc.)

· GNI (or GNP, Per Capita GNP, or Per Capita GDP)

· Inflation rates

· Description of currency, foreign exchange markets (name of currency, convertibility of currency, etc.)

· Standard of living

· Major domestic industries

· Level of FDI in the country

· Regional trading blocs of which the country is a member

· Infrastructure (airports, seaports, paved roads, etc.)

V.  ANALYSIS (the most important section of your paper) (25 points) 

Based on your research and the topics covered in the text, you must discuss IN DETAIL the benefits and drawbacks you anticipate. State WHY or WHY YOU WOULD NOT recommend investing in, or establishing facilities in, the country. I am expecting YOUR analysis, not a review presented in an article published by others. This section should be approximately 1-1/2 to 2 pages in length.

VI.  REFERENCES (10 points) 

Although not the norm for conducting research, you are to use only Internet sources. You should use 8 to 10 sources. All websites used MUST be in English and MUST be those of reputable organizations and companies (e.g., is acceptable, is not).

It is recommended that you cite your sources and list your references using an APA format. You are required to cite your sources in parenthesis within the text. For example:

In 2010, the population of Country X was 10,569,544 (U.S. Dept of State, 2011).

Your reference list must include all sources cited in your paper and must be listed in alphabetical order. They must also include the full URL.

Wikipedia: The use of Wikipedia is not allowed.



· This is not a group project. You must work individually.

· Do not use bullets.  All sections must be in narrative form using full sentences and paragraphs.

· Make sure your name appears on the cover page.

· The structure of the paper should follow the outline listed in the Project Requirements above.

· Papers should be typed, double-spaced, 8-10 pages in length (including the cover sheet and reference list but excluding photos, maps, and charts).

· Submit an electronic copy of the paper using the Assignment Dropbox in CANVAS.

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