crime scene.

Each essay response is to be a minimum of three to four fully developed paragraphs in length. Rewriting the essay question is not considered a part of your response. Direct quotes are not to be used in test answers.    Scholarly sources are required. Answers are to be consistent with the college level. The essays shall be written in APA format and include in text citations to credit your sources.

Answers must be plagarism free and sources shall be scholarly.


1. Identify and discuss the steps for a methodical process of investigating a crime scene.

2. Explain the various methods of crime scene documentation from the first responder to the crime scene investigator.  Can a criminal case be lost based on sloppy or false investigative documentation?

3. Define chain of custody and explain the importance of maintaining proper chain of custody when collecting evidence.

4. What are the legal challenges of a crime scene search?

5. What is exigency and how does it apply to crime scene searches.


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