Employee Theft

Read the following attachmentPreview the document.  What is your reaction to this story? How is it possible in this  scenario that Melissa made more money than the restaurant? Which of her  actions would be considered employee theft? How common do you think  these types of activities are? Why do employees steal from their  employers? Use the internet or any other source to locate statistics  concerning employee theft. How can management use this information to  prevent or limit the activities of employees like Melissa? How does this  information change your perspective of employee theft?

Heres the attatchment in case it doesn’t open


Melissa just clocked in for the second half of her double shift. She is a server at the Old Town

Spaghetti Store

. She really likes her job, but

she is tired after all of the double shifts she has been

pulling lately. Plus, business has been slower so her tips have been lower. As a result, she is a

little behind on her bills and definitely short on fun money.

She doesn’t mind working tonight. Me

lissa is dating Jeff, the bartender on duty tonight. Because

they are dating, he will sometimes help her out with drink orders. He will go over to the tables,

take the drink orders


deliver the drinks


and just tell her what the guests have ordered. So, wi


his help, tonight should be fairly easy.

Immediately after clocking in, she is double seated with


parties of


. Jeff walks over



one of the tables for her and takes the drink order while she greets the second. She lets Jeff

know the dr

inks she needs from the bar and he tells her the drink order from the second table. He

works on the alcoholic beverages while she prepares the others and gets bread for both tables.

She is able to quickly get the orders taken for both tables and get to wor

k on their

soups and


To save time, Melissa only enters the items from the kitchen into the POS for now. Her boss is

standing there and sees that she does not enter the salads and soups that she will get from the

kitchen. He asks her why


and she

indicates that she is super busy and will add them when she is

caught up. Melissa continues to work on these tables


and she is excited that she might earn some

extra money tonight. Her company had some coupons in the paper today and she picked up a few


tra copies. If these customers pay in cash, she wil

l have a manager apply a coupon

after they

leave and then she can keep the extra money.

Melissa continues with these


parties. When they ask for refills on their beverages, Melissa

runs over to Jeff w

ho gets them ready for her right away.

Melissa gets the soups and salads out

and the food from the kitchen is not far behind. Fortunately, most

of the guests order salads, so

there is not a lot of food from the kitchen. With Jeff’s help, Melissa keeps thei

r drinks refilled

and the bread filled


and they are happy with the service they received.

Each of the guests is paying individually, so Melissa only rings up one of the salads for now. She

reprints the guest check for each of the guest


that had that as

their order. She prints the checks

for the other guest. And then, she takes them their bills. She is glad that most of them are paying

in cash as she has her own cash bank and the credit card machine takes too much time. She does

have to go over and add a

nother salad because


of the salad guests paid with a credit card. As

these guests leave the restaurant, Melissa is excited to count the money and see that she actually

made more money on this table than the restaurant did


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