This DB has 4 parts

As the V.P. of Marketing, you recognize that your sales force has lacked cohesiveness and synergy.  You have recently been tasked by the CEO with revamping the sales process and must be able to count on your sales people to come together as a team if this is to be successful.  Your CEO realizes that the sales force is not a cohesive group and has recommended some type of Adventure Learning activity.  You have had experience in the past with Action Learning and have decided that this is the best approach to use for this project if you are going to get the team to communicate better and have a more effective partnership.  You need to present your plan on how you will tackle this sales process project.  How would you explain your decision?

Be sure to also address the following questions:  

  1. How is the Action Learning Method different from Adventure Learning?
  2. Why will Action Learning be better in this situation?
  3. What outcomes can be expected as a result of this method?
  4. How does training a group differ from training individuals?

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