Assignment 1: Discussion—Prevalence of Obesity

An ironic facet of poverty in America is the prevalence of obesity with its accompanying health issues. This is especially visible on Native American reservations.

Respond to the following:

  • What are the sociological factors that contribute to obesity on the reservation?
  • What motivated Beau LeBeau to address his obesity, and what did he do?
  • Did Beau succeed? What are the sociological challenges that exist which make it hard for people on reservations, in the inner city, or in poor rural areas to be healthy?
  • What do you think society can do to help the poor be healthy?

Write your initial response in approximately 200–300 words.

review the postings of your peers and respond to at least two of them. Consider commenting on the following:

  • What cultural factors contribute to both the problems of and solutions to obesity among the poor?
  • How can the working poor overcome obesity without government intervention?

Hurst, S. (2010). Goodmeat . Retrieved from


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