professional relationships,

Each student will analyze and reflect on one ethical dilemma you have experienced in the field: current or previous practice, personal or professional relationships, or work.  If you have not experienced an ethical dilemma, then you are to write about a potential ethical dilemma or one that a friend/co-worker has experienced.  After summarizing the dilemma you are to reflect on how you handled the dilemma or what you witnessed.

Each student will then use one of the ethical/decision-making theoretical perspectives to examine the handling of the ethical dilemma- describe through that theoretical lens the experience.

Additionally, the student should address how he/she MIGHT have done it differently if they had an opportunity to “RE-DO”. Be sure to examine the ethical dilemma from a number of perspectives to provide a wholistic view of the dilemma and solutions.

This paper should be 3-5 pages long and should be completed in APA Formatting.


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