theoretical perspectives of deviance

This project provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of theoretical perspectives of deviance and their application to social issues and problems.

First, you must choose a form of deviance that interests you. This could be any topic we have been studying or will study or something else we are not covering that interests you. For example, topics might include: bulimia, hoarding, binge drinking, cutting, etc. Then, take two theories that interest you and compare and contrast them in terms of their application to the topic you have chosen. You may choose theories from Chapters 3-11 of Adler and Adler’s text.

You must fully and sensitively master, think through, and expand on the central concepts and questions of the two theories you have selected and stay grounded in our course readings, material I have posted on Blackboard, and class discussions. Draw on course material wherever possible in your project. This means you need to quote directly from readings in our text. It is more important that you draw more on our course material rather than rely on materials from other classes or from library or Internet research. I trust that you will agree that we have plenty of rich material to work with right here.

I am interested in how you demonstrate your own ability to think critically. Avoid using very long quotations and close paraphrasing of the readings. Some quoting from the readings is important though to support your points where applicable. I am most interested in how you discuss and interpret ideas in your own words and how you come to evaluate these theories in light of the topic you choose. When citing any sources, please be consistent throughout.

This paper must be two pages maximum. Late papers will not be accepted. Your paper must have page numbers, be double spaced and in 12 point Times font, in black ink, and with one inch margins. Be sure to put your full name on the file and on the actual paper.

The paper is worth 20% of your final course grade. I hope you enjoy doing this project and having a new way to think about theories set forth in the course.


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